The Westin Kuala Lumpur

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The Westin is definitely not the kind of hotel I can afford. But even if I could I wouldn’t. I’d rather save the money for other thing. Anyway, I somehow got a chance to stay there 1 night last week. Another 5 star hotel to the list.

Location: The Westin is located in Bukit Bintang area, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It’s just beside the Pavillion and a short taxi / train ride from KL Sentral which pretty much where you would get off if you’re coming to KL. So yeah, it’s definitely very well located. It’s a short walk to almost anything. Twin Tower, KLCC, Shopping Malls, etc. This prime location is probably part of what contributed to its rating…. I think.

Value: I checked on Agoda last week it was around S$ 370+ for a superior room. I was like damn! I don’t think that the room is worth that money. I mean personally I think the room is quite small at least compared to what you can get from a 4 or 5 star hotel in my country. The bed also quite small. Though the furnishing is very new and such, it’s pretty much expected of it. So I think the rating probably take in the account that it has a lot of facilities like conference room, a floor with pool area, gym extra. Nevertheless, I think didn’t find it worth the the bucks. But oh well, it’s probably just because I’m thrifty.

Service: Same as every other hotel service for me. Since I normally just need their service for check in. As long as, I can check in smoothly and they don’t bother me during my stay or give me any of inconvenience, it’s pretty much top-rated service me. So yeah I’m asking for very little. So normally would pay attention to any details of a hotel service. I would only pin point if they fail to live up the bare minimum.

Conclusion: My thought? pretty much obvious, even if I have the money to free afford this kind of price I still wouldn’t go for it. There are hotel in Bukit Bintang with the same comfort level and very well located that cost a lot less. But it’s an awesome place if you get to stay for free. Then again any hotel 4-5 star hotel is an awesome place if it’s free. :P


Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and critics lately. Some regarding hobbies and some products related. Then suddenly I’ve come to realize certain thing. I find that I tend to like harsh critics. Some of the reviewers / critics tend to like painting a rosy picture of everything and overly emphasizing on what they love about this products and in the process making me feeling positive about it but only to realize later that whatever that plus points of that product are, I don’t really need / use them at all. So in the sense, I get the sense of being ill informed and wrongly marketed. However, that is not to say that they’re wrongly or whatsoever. It’s just their style or the way they like to review it. It’s just that to me it’s not useful. So when you’ve actually been through enough reviews, you’d be able to tell more or less where the review is going and can more or less skip it and read another.

With that said, not all harsh critics are good as well. Some critics are overly harsh and bias to the point that it becomes quite obvious that they love / hate certain brand name. I like those critics who always start off very objective and go through the facts about he products and then proceed to offer their opinions on it. It’ll be great if they state clear that it’s just their opinion and not just go ahead and thrash talking the product. Lastly, I love it if the critic is very geeky about what their stuff and also target a larger group of audience in his review because I feel that nowadays, things are different and anybody can suddenly adopt a hobby and can afford to buy highly advance equipment. While they have the monetary capability, they lack the knowledge and experience to make well informed purchase. Unlike in the past, where most people who invest hard on certain product are usually hardcore enthusiast or professional. I feel nowadays the category of people who’re actually more in need of these great review are the amateur and newbies. All in all, to me a good review is one that should help me identify what is that I value in that product category and ultimately decide if certain features of product would suit my needs and usage or not.

Lincoln (2012)


Lincoln is a story about …. Sir Abraham Lincoln. duh! Well, to be specific it focuses on the journey of his fight for the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery.

When I was watching this year Oscar, I honestly had the impression that Lincoln is there because it’s a patriotic movie. Chances are it’s going to be very American. Nah.. I’m not going to watch it. Then somehow one day, I’m just bored and ran out of things to watch. Okay so let’s watch it. It turned out amazing. Daniel Day-Lewis has some incredible acting. Very deserving of his Oscar. For even simple scene like when Sir. Abraham Lincoln is quiet and look thoughtful, Daniel Day-Lewis managed to project it so well that you can feel the emotional ride in his mind and the responsibility he shouldered as a father of a family and a father of a nation. My most favorite part of the movie has to be part where Mr and Mrs Lincoln was quarreling in the house because Mr Lincoln couldn’t stop their eldest son, Robert (played by JGL) from joining the army. It was such a powerful acting from both Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field that it just moved me to tears and leave an emotional mark in my memory. When a few minute scene can make you remember a movie for a long time, that movie is a great movie.

If you’re not in the mood for serious and heavily emotional movie, don’t watch it or you’d find it so-so or no good.

Django Unchained (2012)



Django Unchained is about a slave named Django (Jamie Foxx), whose fate is freed by Dr. King Schultz (Christopher Waltz) in his pursuit of his targets. Through his journey, Django learned a great deal from Dr. King which includes weaponry skill and art of conversing. Eventually, they partner up as duo bounty hunters. After they completed a series of jobs together, Dr. King would assist Django to locate his wife. That is where Leonardo DiCaprio and Sumuel L. Jackson come in to play as Mr. Candie and Stephen the epic boss.

Django Unchained is an amazing movie especially for a person who doesn’t like the Western Texas Cowboy genre. I’ve never like any movie with western Texas cowboy setting, not even Brokeback Mountain. This is probably the first. I love the acting of all the main characters in the film. Christopher Walt did such a great job in portraying Dr. King’s intellectual humor and sophistication. And there is my favorite cast, Leonardo DiCaprio,  who literally made me love a villain. As good as he was, I find that Leo was so much into character and very much in control of it and put in improvisation to improve his character. He really radiates Mr. Candie’s presence and eminently cunning and ruthless nature of the man.

I was engrossed in the movie that I didn’t even realized that the movie was almost 3 hrs long. Usually, for an average rated movie, I’d start feeling bored and finding it draggy once it passes the 2 hr mark. That’s definitely not the case with Django. Another masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino. One of the best movies of the year.

Cloud Atlas (2012)

Cloud Atlas-0081-20121015-96


Cloud Atlas is about…. errr… everything is connected somehow? I’m also not sure what it is exactly about after sitting through the show. But this is what IMDB says:

An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.

So I guess every different scenes, settings, scenarios that happened in the movie supposed to be connected and make sense to you somehow at the end. But well it didn’t to me. Maybe I’m not that smart nor sophisticated enough. This is probably one the movies that my personal rating is quite far off from IMDB average rating. I have watched enough movies to know that when it starts showing different unrelated scene, they all suppose to be connected and start making sense somehow as the story goes. But Cloud Atlas didn’t do that for me, I was still puzzled even after the show ended. The movie does show the connection somehow but the problem is that after I saw connection I was like okay so that’s how the scenes are linked so what does that all mean actually, besides the fact that they’re connected across ages, space and time? Well, not much for me. So I was left feeling like I’ve wasted a whole 3 hrs.

So all in all, I’d say this show is not recommended unless you’re able to see the profound meaning behind all these connection for yourself. Otherwise, you’d be left wondering the exact same thing I did. “What the hell was all that about?”

The Big Dilemma: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

As much as I love my SIII, it’s almost time for me to recontact, which means time for me to decide on the next model to upgrade to. Before this, I’ve never actually bother to look around, the only upgrade model in my mind was Galaxy S4. I like my SIII so much that I assume S4 is pretty much a better version of SIII. Well, I don’t think I’m really wrong there. But there the different is when I was deciding on my SIII, I was using iPhone 4S and I didn’t like so I decided to switch to Android phone which during that time, among all the top Android smartphone SIII was a clear cut winner for me. Unfortunately, this time round there’re possible contenders. I’ve eliminated all options down to my top 2 favorite—HTC One and Galaxy S4.

So yes, I decided to go down the phone shop and spend an hour trying out these 2 models. I gave each of them half an hour each to give me an impression. After the trial, the impression was pretty much clear cut for me:

  • Design – Winner: HTC One
    I think it’s pretty much clear cut from the moment I laid eye on both phones. Though Samsung does improve the build quality in S4 to look less plastic than the SIII, it still somehow feels cheep. On the other hand, HTC One’s look is solid. Cool and classy aluminium body. If my criteria is just base on body design, there would be no second thought on HTC One. Also, until today I still having problem using my SIII one-handed, and the S4 undoubtedly is giving the same problem. The HTC One however feels just right for me both one-handed or two-handed.
  • Camera – Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
    Pretty much expected from the specs and review I have read. Camera is one of my major consideration point thus fact that I find that HTC One’s camera loses out so obviously to S4 is a very big let down for me. I didn’t really do very thorough camera test like Android Central did. But just from quite a number of shots under different lighting, the diference was pretty much obvious for me. For all shots taken, I preferred the output from S4.
  • Performance – Winner: HTC One
    Although there were a lot of news about S4 having exceptional performance benchmark and stuff (I don’t know what is the performance benchmark for HTC One) but from my trial usage, I feel that HTC One feel smoother when switching between screens and running apps and stuffs. Then again it’s just a first impression feel.
  • Software Interface – Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
    Of all the android phone I’ve tried, Samsung undoubtedly has the best out of the box interface design for me. And that’s a big deal for me because I don’t like doing a lot of UI customization on my phone as it usually eats up RAM and processing power. So I always stick with the default UI and whatever customization provided out of the box.
  • Customization – Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
    I’m big fan of customization and control which is why I switch from iOS to Android in the first place. From just 30 mins, I’ve spotted a lot of new awesome customization feature in the S4. Well not that HTC One doesn’t have any but S4 seems to pack more customization features.
  • The Small Things?? – Winner: HTC One
    I don’t really know how to categorize it but it’s just the things that make it feels right for me. One thing is the power button placement. I prefer HTC One’s on-the-top placement then the S4′s side placement. And also the key board and auto correction on HTC One feels a lot nice and better for me. And the boom sound speakers on HTC One is awesome! it’s located at the front make the sound more direct to you thus sounds better. Then the fact that it has no physical home button make it feel neat and clean and refreshing since I’ve been only using the one with physical home button.

After all that, I’m still undecided yet find myself wishing if only both of them can merge into one model. sighzz

Despicable Me 2 (2013)



I think this movie doesn’t need much introduction. It’s the second installment of cutely awesome Despicable Me. Despicable Me 2 is the continuation from the first. It picks up where it left off where Gru became the girl adopted parent and stopped being a villain after his one last heist in the first movie. However, as fate has it, in this movie, he was called on to save the world. And the story goes…

For me, the story line isn’t as good as the first there’re are a lot more laughter and adorable moments. Somehow, I feel that Despicable Me 2 was made to serve the audience’s craving for more minions and Agnes on screen, which is absolutely what I was hoping for as well. I think this is one the movies that the story line is not that important. I was just looking forward to cuteness and some adorable comedy. On top of that, the atmosphere felt great inside the cinema with everyone chuckling and laughing whenever they see minions and Agnes. Definitely very very adorable movie to watch.