Window Live Hotmail Facelift

After reading rumors, I was looking forward for this upgrade to be out and finally it’s here – The faster and simpler Window Live Hotmail. This is an effort from Microsoft to stay in competition with the super popular Gmail and Yahoo Mail. I think Microsoft kind of rushing it out to the market because the features that has been promised to be integrated along with the faster speed and new facelift are not there yet. They were put off till 2009. Anyway, I think the extra features are not really of much concern to users for the time being. I guess it’s time to get back and be active with my hotmail.

Anyway here are What’s New for the new Hotmail:

  • It’s faster and better!
  • Enjoy a cleaner look and faster performance.
  • You choose how to display your reading pane to preview messages – side, bottom, or off.
  • A combined “classic” and “full” version of Hotmail means everyone gets access to all the great features Hotmail has to offer. One version = greater simplicity.
  • You choose how to display your reading pane to preview messages – side, bottom, or off.
  • A great new contact picker makes it easier to look up contacts when writing an e-mail.
  • Type the first few letters of a friend’s name or an e-mail address who you want to send an e-mail to, Hotmail fills in the rest.
  • Dress up Hotmail with one of several new design themes.

And these are the ones that’s promised to be availabled in 2009:

  • Ever-growing storage. Your inbox capacity will automatically increase as you need more space2.
  • IM through Hotmail. See if your Messenger contacts are online and say “Hi! -)
  • Helpful new calendar features that make it easier to share your calendar with friends and family.
Window Live Hotmail Facelift

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