Four Random T-Shirt Design

I was browsing images in DeviantArt, then I came across some pictures which I thought would look good as a T-Shirt design. So I grabbed those pictures and put them on a T-Shirt. Here are the results:

Comment: I like this. I hope I can get this T-shirt printed.

Below are: FXTUDIO Design, AB!SK8T Design, and ZOMBIE BUNNY Design
Comment: FXTUDIO is nice. Blood red and black just click. AB!SK8T is cool too but too bad it only look nice on white T and I don’t really like white T. ZOMBIE BUNNY? Don’t Like.

Images Resource Used:

Zombie Bunny, Gaara, Naruto logo, Gaara Kanji, FXTUDIO, AB!SK8T

Four Random T-Shirt Design

Adobe AIR

I’ve just read an article on this. All the applications provided by Adobe AIR are very convenient. The designs and layout of the applications are superb as well. After checking them out, I was like “Man, this is going to be my new web toy.” However, Adobe AIR is still something very new. Its latest release Adobe CONFIGURATOR 1.0 only came out at end of October this year. If this is well-received and successful, it’s going to being another breakthrough to the world of Web Applications. Yeah! way to go Adobe. Adobe simply rocks.

The article on the release of Adobe AIR revealed some promising cool features such as:

Adobe AIR