Diablo 3

Ever since I came to university, I began to lose touch as well as interest in Computer (and Console) games. I guess things in university are just too messed up for you to take time and enjoy your game. But Diablo 3 is definitely a game that I must play no matter what. I was quite a big fan of Diablo 2. I still remember during my JC days, I kept on playing Diablo 2 over and over, and ended up completing the games more than 10 times with almost every character (exept Necromancer and Druid (´A`)). This next version of diablo is definitely awesome. I just hope that Blizzard do not focus the game too much online and ignore the offline players.

Anyway, I still have to wait for quite some time for it to release sigh… A friend of mine told me that it’s going to be release late 2009 while the other said early 2010. I am not sure either since I do not follow the news.

Diablo 3

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