Description: Rapid Leech is a free server transfer script for use on various popular upload/download sites such as megaupload.com – The script transfers files from rapid share (for example) via your fast servers connection speed and dumps the file on your server.

The script was originally created by Vyrus who wrote the script in russian. The script then got modified by various people who then released copies, encrypted the source code and made so-called improvements.

Comment: A block mate of mine introduced me to this. I started using it for quite sometime. Athough it doesn’t really replace a premium account, I found it pretty handy at times. If you just want to get a 100MB or 200MB off a rapidshare server, Rapidleech will be a great help to keep you away from the irritating free account.

I’m not going into detail on how to use it but I’ll roughly explain what it does. It’s basically a web script that allows you to transfer a file from supported file hosting sites (e.g. Megaupload, Megashare, Rapidshare) to your personal web server at a premium speed. From there, you can download the file off the server to your computer. Hence, the download speed that you get will be the speed of the server bandwidth. Yeah, so you need to have your own web server for this to work.

Rapidleech Screenshot
Rapidleech Screenshot

One thought on “Rapidleech

  1. Im looking somewhere to pay premium account for zippyshare server.
    Is there a site that i can do so? I mean like rapidleech?
    or any way to resume zippyshare downloads??
    yea i wanna buy an account but there’s no option for premium on zippyshare!!!!

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