Recently, after exam, I suddenly had myself over dose with Youtube. I hit my personal record of the number of youtube video watched in a day, which is 100+ videos. That was on the last day of my exam. Anyway, I came across this term “youtuber” very often. The term is not very new to me but somehow, I found the meaning is. I used to think that Youtuber refers to all the youtube users who has an account in Youtube. However, I found that maybe not be an accurate definition. To put it precisely, youtuber is more like youtube users who are actively involved in youtube – not just actively watching the videos but also making their own video and upload for other to view and subscribe. Becoming a youtuber is very popular trend over in US and Europe but not very much so in Asia. People are trying to make their way to the internet stardom through this channel and a few became very successful in it. In the effort to become famous, these youtube-celebrity-wannabe spend a lot of time and thought in coming up with what they call “unique” video. Everybody is trying to show that they are “different”, “unique” and “original”. Some video themselve doing lips sync, some just cracking up “hilarious” jokes, some sing their heart out in front the camera, some dance in front of it, some do racial jokes, some video themselves doing sth that nobody can figure out what they are doing, some just bullshitting in front of the cameras, some just carry their cameras around like an idiot and video everything they see in the hope of capturing sth “interesting”. The list of categories goes on and on. You can practically find people doing almost every nonsense in front their camera.

While many of them are crappy, there are actually a handful of youtubers out there are really serious with what they are doing. Yes they still are doing nonsense in front of camera but their nonsense is great, it makes you laugh, it makes cry, it makes you smile, it makes keep on watching it over and over, it makes share it with your friends and then subscribe to them. From the perspective of the non-youtube users, these youtubers are but a bunch of attention seeking morons who have nothing else better to do with their time. However from the users’ point of view, they are a signicant existence that bring variety and diversity into the world of YouTube and ultimately self-made videos. Personally, I have no stand to that since a lot of things I do are the things that people consider a waste of time and effort. I think as long as you love doing what you’re doing and it benefits you in one way or another then nothing is a waste of time and not worth doing.

Here are some of the Youtubers that I recently like and subscribed to:

nigahiga As expected from the 2nd most subscribed youtuber, this guy is hilarious. I like almost all his videos. He and his friends became movie stars just because of his popularity in youtube. So if you don’t watch him it’s your lost.

mychonnyhe craps about a lot of things that he feels like crapping about. I only like a few of his videos the rest of them are pretty much annoying nonsense.

MissYauI like her she’s cute. LOL nah jk. Anyway, I think she’s the first female comedy youtuber that I’ve ever seen. She has a cool British accent. I got to her video through related links and I subscribed to her because of the video “Asian Talk With MissYau” and Chubby Bunny Challenge.

iammeakamesubscribed to this because of the DDR genius kid video.

hiphoproxsubsscribed because of their Rihanna’s Take A Bow.

lovetwilightstarLove her Sakura Kiss.


3 thoughts on “YouTuber

  1. kirahikaru says:

    Nope I don’t call myself a Youtuber, in fact I’m not a youtuber… Since I don’t make my own home video and I don’t really follow youtube that much, only when I have time or get recommendation from friends. It’s just that this term now has become a vocabulary itself in this Internet-crazed era… So I thought I would clarify the definition of the term bcoz many ppl think that they are youtubers when in fact they are not, and that is an insult to the real true blue youtubers. ^.^

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