Response to Chiyo No Chichi’s entry

Refer to: Chiyo no Chichi’s entry on Monday, December 01, 2008

I found it very intriguing to me personally and it makes my fingers itchy. But since he doesn’t have a comment box and I don’t think a tag box can accommodate my long winded-ness. So yeah I’ll take one entry to respond to that.

Well, I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s easier to understand them from where you are since it’s a developed country but when it comes to people in poor country like mine, I can’t comprehend them at all. They spend too much money on what they want and too little on what they need. At one point, it seems as though what they need is what they want. But I have to say that having what you want effortlessly does breed a bad habit.

Hehehe, anyway working really opens your eye, doesn’t it? I have to disagree with you one thing though. Even though, money is hard to make, that’s why I can afford to spend what I earned myself on what I want with no guilt. I would also be willing to spend my 1 month salary to go to UK for 1 week (if 1 month salary is enough lol).  Why? Because, if I don’t go now and I may regret it later since it’s not sth you can do anytime like going playing sport or going shopping. If I wait till I’m older, I may lose the adventerous spirit due to work pressure and stuff, and you may not be so free to get me around anymore since you’ll be working too. Furthermore, right now, I don’t have family (well, I do have family but I’m refering the one that I’m solely respsonsible for. I don’t mean to insult your intelligence but I just bracket as pre-emption, in case you shoot back. :P) so majority of my salary would go to indulging my personal needs and wants. When family comes under our responsibility, we’ll definitely have to redefine the term “financial planning”. Yeah well, that’s only how I see though.

Response to Chiyo No Chichi’s entry