The Untouchable

Came across this in DeviantArt

Although I’m more into digital art and effects, I still think that photography is an incredibly awesome art. With the current technology, the marriage between digital photo editing and the eye for beauty give birth to an incredibly marvelous masterpiece. At the present, digital art allows us to invent or recreate almost anything at will, if not anything. It allows artist bring imagination into reality but I think photography enables you to do the opposite. A genius of photography can transform something we see everyday into an imaginary piece of art.  Female is one the most stunningly beautiful piece of living art. A photographer can put their beauties beyond description, their elegance beyond words, and their grace beyond awesome. Then they magically capture those moments.

I was browsing through DeviantArt for material for my poster design, then I came across all these awesome photos. Simply WoW. What an inspiration. I think those guys are awesome. Respect.

>>> Ladies in their most beautiful moments

The Untouchable