5 Simple & Easy Type Work

School has started and the atmosphere of busy-ness is drawing near even though this is still just the first week. So I’m rushing a few more type effect tutorials on my to-do-list before going back to be the computer science nerd for another sememster.

Title: SUIKODEN Hot Clan

This is so dang simple. I didn’t know why it was even considered into 1 of the creative type effect. I just did it anyway.

>>Tutorial Link<<


Since this is an Ice type effect I titled it to sth along the line fo ice-cream advertisement. This tutorial works with the bare minimum to achieve great result. Very nice.

>>Tutorial Link<<

Title: New Hype

This is a very nice Techno text effect. I’ve been wondering how they did it for a long time. I didn’t realize it’s this simple.

>>Tutorial Link<<

Title: H2O

Didn’t know why I chose H2O for the text as well. I guess probably because of it’s transparency nature and the short representation. This is one of my favorite type effects.

>>Tutorial Link<<

Title: Mobwar

Last but not least, the Marfia type effect. Just for completion sake. Nothing fancy, all was done by making use of the Layer Blending Options.

>>Tutorial Link<<

5 Simple & Easy Type Work


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Detail: Series Summary

Download: Anime-Eden.com | BleachExile.com

Definitely one of the best 13-episode anime I’ve ever watched. I love the interconnectivity of this anime and the sheer violence of the battles (which explains why it’s R-Rated). The events of the story jump back and forth in time and leave you wondering what are they trying to do. Then slowly you’d start to make sense of how each event connects. Finally, they revealed to you how each and every character came into contact with every other character. Then they also have my currently no. 1 favorite harlious characters Isaac and Miria, the comedy couple. The ending was satisfactory as well. I think this is a must-watch.


Track Listing:

1. Nagai Nagai Yume no Naka no Utage ~ BACCANO! no Theme
2. Prologue
3. Manhattan Bridge ni Kakeru Yume
4. Yuganda Kibou ni Michita Miyako
5. Akarenga no Meikyuu
6. Kioku no Tegami
7. Rojiura no Housoku
8. In the Speak Easy
9. Ohiru no Gunman to Makka na Odoriko
10. Otona no Kozou no Asobi
11. Ikareta Kairaku no Tame ni
12. Yurumikitta Kannou no Dance
13. Abikyoukan no Kurutta Butai
14. Alveare no Bruce
15. Hikari to Kage no Futatsu no Cannon
16. Shinobi Yoru Kehai
17. Hokori Takaki Chinmoku
18. 200 Nen Mae Kara no Yuuutsu
19. Nise Orchestra no Kanbi na Hibiki
20. Mata Shinobi Yoru Kehai
21. Owaru Koto no Nai Kaidan
22. Tsumugidasu Toiki
23. Utakata no Inori
24. Ringo no E no Ue no Rakugaki
25. Gun's & Roses (TV SIZE)
26. Calling (TV SIZE)