5 Simple & Easy Type Work

School has started and the atmosphere of busy-ness is drawing near even though this is still just the first week. So I’m rushing a few more type effect tutorials on my to-do-list before going back to be the computer science nerd for another sememster.

Title: SUIKODEN Hot Clan

This is so dang simple. I didn’t know why it was even considered into 1 of the creative type effect. I just did it anyway.

>>Tutorial Link<<


Since this is an Ice type effect I titled it to sth along the line fo ice-cream advertisement. This tutorial works with the bare minimum to achieve great result. Very nice.

>>Tutorial Link<<

Title: New Hype

This is a very nice Techno text effect. I’ve been wondering how they did it for a long time. I didn’t realize it’s this simple.

>>Tutorial Link<<

Title: H2O

Didn’t know why I chose H2O for the text as well. I guess probably because of it’s transparency nature and the short representation. This is one of my favorite type effects.

>>Tutorial Link<<

Title: Mobwar

Last but not least, the Marfia type effect. Just for completion sake. Nothing fancy, all was done by making use of the Layer Blending Options.

>>Tutorial Link<<

5 Simple & Easy Type Work

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