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Very cheerful and peaceful anime set in a peaceful town. I started watching this because of the cute drawing. Well the whole story isn’t that interesting. It’s just about a regular high school girl who becamse a God overnight and she started taking duties of saving people’s lives and maintaining the peace in town while having to juggle that resposibility with her school life. If there is any takeaway from this anime that would be “with power comes repsonsibility” and “responsibility requires priority” and stuff like that. However, that was not what I liked about it. It was the innocence, simplicity, cuteness, cheerfulness and peacefulness of the whole story. Some may consider it plain and boring. Well, that depends on when you watch it. Pick the right time to watch and you shall enjoy.


01 - Koi no Jishuu Jikan
02 - Kimi ni Tsudzuku Sakamichi
03 - Chuugakusei Ga Yuku
04 - Bachi Ga Ataruzo
05 - Koi wa Fushigi
06 - Jitensha de Kaerou
07 - Toki wa Yukkuri Nagereteru
08 - Nandemo Arimasen
09 - Mononoke Dayo Zen Inshuugou
10 - Sukoshi Fushigi
11 - I Love You wa Kawa wo Koete
12 - Kamigami C Girl
13 - Sentimental Country Romance
14 - Itsudatte Ohirune Chuu
15 - Atafuta Atafuta
16 - Tengoku Jikan
17 - Koi no Katamichi Ferry
18 - Yumeiro Sakamichi
19 - Ano Natsu no Sakamichi
20 - Ukiuki Yori Michi Oh My God
21 - Chuugakusei Ga Motto Yuku
22 - Umi wa Guu Seitouchi Surfing Tengoku
23 - Hare Nochi Hare TV Size
24 -Ice Candy TV Size

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4 thoughts on “Kamichu!

  1. In my opinion, not really. But it probably is. Ichigo Mashimaro has a sense of humor which is not really there in Kamichu. For me, Kamichu! is just put cuteness.

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