JPop/JRock Download Bookmark Set

URL : JPop Asia
Description: Check out the the latest JPop/JRock songs on the chart.

URL: Nihongo-talk
Description: It helps you to convert Kanji/Hiragana/Katagana to Hiragana/Romaji. This just in case your MP3 title or artist is in Kanji and you can’t read.

URL: Rapidshare Link Checker
Description: To check if the rapidshare link you obtained is working before download.

URL: AsianLoad
Description: Forum – share download links to J-Pop | K-Pop | C-Pop | HK-Pop | etc.

URL: JapaniMusic
Description: Forum – share download links to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other Asian music.

JPop/JRock Download Bookmark Set

4 thoughts on “JPop/JRock Download Bookmark Set

  1. wow, dude, ur blog now is so loaded with this dl stuff cool!!! but haven’t managed to get them all yet. will try when speed is much more faster, but seems no hope hehe 😦 thx for those links anyway!

  2. Hehe.. I hadn’t had much time to ponder or write about anything else. All the download things are stuff I found while trying to get stuff. So I just posted it up for personal reference and at the same time share with others.

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