Breaking Limits

I thought last semester was the busiest time of my life thus far but guess what, it was nowhere near this semester. I was amazed at how I finally got myself whined up in all these. First, I became Publicity Officer for my faculty club (Computer Engineering Club). In semester 1, I found it very hectic to handle that and study. When semester 1 was over, I thought I finally got the hang of it. Then when semester 2 hits, I first found myself overloading my subjects. Before I know it, Chinese New Year is over and I have 4 Project and 1 CIDP (Computer Innovation Design Project) at hands. I was like huh?? then I was like what??? then I was …zzzZZZ. Then yesterday I had a very good news that came at a very bad timing. I got offered a part-time job that I thought I would never get it. I anyhow applied for fun in somewhere like January. Only February they called back. The Opportunity to learn and earn in this job is too good to reject. I don’t think opportunity will just come knocking at me anytime I want, so of course I accepted the offer. So yeah that was how I came to where I am right now…. then I was like huh?? again then I went yaay?? then I was ……..

Breaking Limits indeed. Whether this is my luck or misfortune, I dunno but this is definitely a challenge. So I shall do what I was always taught to do in school, TAKING ON THE CHALLENGE.

Finally, all the best to me, Merry Christmas to my brain, and Happy New Year to my grades. ^o^

Breaking Limits

8 thoughts on “Breaking Limits

  1. cchian says:

    yoz. gambateh neh! looks like your situation is worse than me. i thought im bad enough. anyway, somehow you will be able to make it. just need to believe in yourself, work harder… and sleep LESS.

  2. @cchian: Arigatou na.. So far things are going ok. Hehehe whatever happens I’m not going to let it get in the way of my sleep coz if get sick, then that’s it game over.

    @CnC: -.-” Who cares if it’s a year of ox. I’m a rabbit. I’m supposed to be doing nothing other being cuddled by Ada Wong. lol

  3. CnC says:

    Ohhhh…Ada Wong defines the meaning of elegance…too bad I can’t play her mission on RE4…something is wrong with the game I once I finish it, nothing else I can do except replay the whole game in hard mode..T_T

  4. Yah.. What with a the hot babe wearing sexy red dress on high heel holding gun running around shooting disgusting monster? People really have a way of creating new trend.

    Hehehe too bad for u. But it doesn’t matter to me though coz I don’t dare to play RE at all. Believe it or not, I got RE-phobia!

  5. CnC says:

    Go try Silent Hill…you’ll love it..hahaha..

    I’m planning to make another multi called Ada Wong..hahaha..ten put in another clan as spy..hehehe..

  6. I saw ppl play it. You bluff me Silent Hill is way worse… Ditz said played once then he was too scared to play anymore.

    lol Ada Wong so famous, definitely they can tell it’s multi no how well u keep ur low profile.

  7. CnC says:

    Isn’t that more fun nak? Playing Silent Hill is like you are in the game itself..experiencing the horror of the dark corridors and the fear of being chased by zombies…hehehe..I still love that game..just that I don’t have the means to play it anymore..T_T

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