The Voice That Inspires The World

This was a global buzz a few weeks back but I couldn’t blog about it because of Mr Exam. So now time to put it up. Yes! I’m talking about the Britain Got Talent shocker Susan Boyle! Well, if you didn’t know what happened, you can Google it out because her name is all over the net now, I ain’t gonna be redundant and repeat what have been said a million times. Anyway, I kept watching it over and over and over and over. An angelic voice coming from a humble women that inspires the world to stop and listen. Enough said, see it for yourself.

Also, through this I was able to witness two more voices also from same show. It was from season 1 of the show back in 2007. Pardon my ignorance but the buzz about Britain Got Talent really never reach me till recently. Anyway, YES, it’s Paul Potts and Connie Talbot that I’m talking about. The man who makes me start listening to opera and cute little 6 year old angel with voice of pure innocence. I dunno if Paul is any better than other world class opera singer since I don’t actually listen to opera but the thing about him that makes me love listening is because of his story. It’s the fact that an insignifant nobody who’s sing like a voice of a great somebody that makes the effect greater.

The Voice That Inspires The World

Movie Soundtrack Highlight 1

Woot! just finished watching Hotel for Dogs and Paul Blart Mall Cop. The movies were okay. Not so bad, not so good. Hotel for Dogs was better though. Anyway the entry is not about the movies but the soundtrack. I like a few songs in there.

First is a very old song I think. It’s I Can’t Hold Back by Survivor from Pual Blart Mall Cop. Next is from Hotel for Dogs (H4D), A Beautiful World by Tim Myers. Another 1 also from H4D, it’s It Had to Be You by Motion City Soundtrack. I like the Music Video. It’s good.

Movie Soundtrack Highlight 1

Quote: Heroes

“For every being cursed with self awareness, there remains the unanswerable question, Who am I? We struggle to find meaningful connection to one another. We are the caring friend, the loving farther, the doubting mother, the protected child. We fight and we love in the hope that somehow together, we can understand our significance in the universe. But in the end, no one can share our burden. Each of us, who’ve have learned, must anwer the questions: who am I? what does it mean to be alive? And in the vast infinity of time how do I matter?” — from Heroes

Quote: Heroes


Photo: unappreciated by lpdragonfly @ DeviantArt

I suddenly would like noting this down as I seem to have encountered the situation quite often. What I’m talking about is the situation where in conversation, you are faced with questions regarding your hobbies and what you like doing to occupy your leisure time and you choose not to reveal some of the things you do because you feel that your conversation partner will not be able to appreciate or may show disapproval towards it. For example, you decided to go to a mall to window shop. When you came back a friend asked where were you. Instead of saying you window-shopped, you’d probably just say “I went out”. Then he may go further, “what did you do?”. In this case, If I think that the guy would respond “whoa! you got so much free time ah?”, I probably wouldn’t bother telling him I purposely went out just to window shop and just say “to buy stuff.” or “check out sth.”

Basically, it’s about sth you do or enjoying doing that other people perceive it as useless stuff, unproductive stuff, or waste of time. What I don’t like about it is not the fact that the person doesn’t appreciate or approve of what you’re doing. It’s his inconsiderate expression of disapproval that puts me off. I mean what exactly is considered a waste of time. Do we always have to have a plausible reason for doing sth? Can’t “just for fun” or “i like doing it” be a good enough reason to justify it? Hahaha… I don’t know where am I trying get at with this but I guess what am I trying to say is that each individual has their own love and passion for things. They are unexplainable sometime. We don’t know why but we just like doing it. So we should think before showing our negative reaction towards it. Well, not like anyboy doesn’t know this but thing is it happens unconsciously sometime (especially for guys I think).

Here is one of the many scenarios, I encountered. When I first got a blog and I told my peers about it, here were some of the responses I got…

A: Cool! what’s your blog link?
B: Welcome to the world of blogging.
C: I see…
D: Are you gay? Only girls write blog dudes.
E: Wat de… blogs are for emos lah.
F: You have too much free time is it?

There it goes. Another random entry. ^_^


Defeated. Lesson Learned?

I’ve been away from here for quite some time due to Exam. I was so tempted to write about so many things during my mugging confinement period but I resisted the temptation everytime. Well I guess the first thing I should be writing now is reflection on the exam since it’s still hot and heated in my brain.

Well, as the title stated, it went pretty awful. To the point that I believe that I couldn’t have messed up anything in my life thus far more than this semester exam. After today’s paper, I was practically covered with sense of total defeat and disappointment. It was a complete mess. After a few hours of sulking, I finally came to my senses again and began wondering what was I dreaded for? I mean since secondary school, there were subjects that I wasn’t able to perform even though I put the most effort in it. Not like this is sth new in my academic endeavor. I think the obvious issue here is that I’m so concerned with the fact that in university, every result of every subject will effect the quality of my degree, which logically should affect my career life, at least initially. Though it may not exactly be the case, but such mindset was hard drilled into me since the very beginning that I couldn’t ignore the possibility of it happening. Well, this is how powerful society’s influence can be. You ignore it, it ignores you. Choices? Face it or fear it.

I’ll leave it at that as I have no concrete solution to myself for that. I still do what I always have done. Go through it and try to make it out alive in one piece (emotionally speaking).

Next issue is now that I know I screwed it up, what do I do? break down and cry? Nah.. Never happen, and I’d like to keep it at that. So? try Invent time machine and go back in time and study harder for it? I might as well go and sell my time marchine and become a millionaire. Reflect, Learn and Prepare? duh.. this is a no-brainer for any educated person. So here it goes..

Reflect: I think I know just exactly what went wrong. Most of it could be corrected except for a few fundamental issues that snowball the whole thing. That is the lack of drive and motivation to excel, the lost of ambition to compete and the absent of sense of achievement. Why would I want to excel in sth I’m not interest in excelling in? Why am I trying so hard to fit in where I don’t exactly want to belong? Why should I battle so hard for sth I’m not proud of winning? Some of these questions do pop up every now and then, and they bother me a great deal sometime. Most of the time I shoo them away by telling myself that I should stay focused and work hard. To keep it short, the bottom line is do I hate my course? Well, I recently have a good answer to that. I like learning what is being taught but not studying them.

Learn: What do I learn from this experience? To never pull and all nighter before your paper, and drink 2 cans of redbull. It never work! I totally got pwned by Mugging for Dummies and How to be a Mugger 101 lol but I had no choice though. It was either do or do (lol the word “die” is pretty sensitive in my school now I shall not use it too lightly). On a more serious note, life’s like that. No payne No gayne yerrhh!

Prepare: Well, first thing gotta get ready for worst in my results, of course. And depending on how bad they turn out to be, I will have make up for it in year 3 and 4. All I’m saying is IF it is bad, hahaha I’m still clinging on to that little hope that it isn’t that bad although I’m usually pretty accurate at judging my own performance in study.

Defeated. Lesson Learned?