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I suddenly would like noting this down as I seem to have encountered the situation quite often. What I’m talking about is the situation where in conversation, you are faced with questions regarding your hobbies and what you like doing to occupy your leisure time and you choose not to reveal some of the things you do because you feel that your conversation partner will not be able to appreciate or may show disapproval towards it. For example, you decided to go to a mall to window shop. When you came back a friend asked where were you. Instead of saying you window-shopped, you’d probably just say “I went out”. Then he may go further, “what did you do?”. In this case, If I think that the guy would respond “whoa! you got so much free time ah?”, I probably wouldn’t bother telling him I purposely went out just to window shop and just say “to buy stuff.” or “check out sth.”

Basically, it’s about sth you do or enjoying doing that other people perceive it as useless stuff, unproductive stuff, or waste of time. What I don’t like about it is not the fact that the person doesn’t appreciate or approve of what you’re doing. It’s his inconsiderate expression of disapproval that puts me off. I mean what exactly is considered a waste of time. Do we always have to have a plausible reason for doing sth? Can’t “just for fun” or “i like doing it” be a good enough reason to justify it? Hahaha… I don’t know where am I trying get at with this but I guess what am I trying to say is that each individual has their own love and passion for things. They are unexplainable sometime. We don’t know why but we just like doing it. So we should think before showing our negative reaction towards it. Well, not like anyboy doesn’t know this but thing is it happens unconsciously sometime (especially for guys I think).

Here is one of the many scenarios, I encountered. When I first got a blog and I told my peers about it, here were some of the responses I got…

A: Cool! what’s your blog link?
B: Welcome to the world of blogging.
C: I see…
D: Are you gay? Only girls write blog dudes.
E: Wat de… blogs are for emos lah.
F: You have too much free time is it?

There it goes. Another random entry. ^_^


3 thoughts on “Unappreciated

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