The Voice That Inspires The World

This was a global buzz a few weeks back but I couldn’t blog about it because of Mr Exam. So now time to put it up. Yes! I’m talking about the Britain Got Talent shocker Susan Boyle! Well, if you didn’t know what happened, you can Google it out because her name is all over the net now, I ain’t gonna be redundant and repeat what have been said a million times. Anyway, I kept watching it over and over and over and over. An angelic voice coming from a humble women that inspires the world to stop and listen. Enough said, see it for yourself.

Also, through this I was able to witness two more voices also from same show. It was from season 1 of the show back in 2007. Pardon my ignorance but the buzz about Britain Got Talent really never reach me till recently. Anyway, YES, it’s Paul Potts and Connie Talbot that I’m talking about. The man who makes me start listening to opera and cute little 6 year old angel with voice of pure innocence. I dunno if Paul is any better than other world class opera singer since I don’t actually listen to opera but the thing about him that makes me love listening is because of his story. It’s the fact that an insignifant nobody who’s sing like a voice of a great somebody that makes the effect greater.

The Voice That Inspires The World

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