Life’s a Drama

For the past week since my exam was over, I found myself got entangled up in a few dramatic situation. First of all was me sulking and getting all moody over my poor performance in exam. After that, it was my friend turn sulk to over his. Then we talked to find out who’s worse. -_-” A few days later, one of my friends suddenly became overly irritating but I couldn’t do anything about it for some reasons. I figured I should lay my opinions somewhere to prevent it from accumulating to frustration. And well I did. And just 1 or 2 days back, in my online gaming clan, there was a member who raised a complain regarding a certain situation. The complain caused a few members to get quite emotional and the situation became more dramatic than it should’ve been.

This suddenly reminds me of how our lives are, in one way or another, similar to those Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Singapore drama. The basic idea behind the plot is the same and that is one’s emotion(s)/feeling(s) affects another person’s emotion, which in turn affects another’s. This chain reaction create a story. You often hear people say they want to live a happy life or they only long for happiness in their life. But you never hear people wanting misery or sadness to be part of their lives. However, the ugly truth is we can’t live without it. If we can’t have it in our lives, we unconsciously wish it to happen in our friends’ so we can be apart of that misery. And if it doesn’t happen in our lives and neither our friends’ lives, we will crave for it by other means. This is precisely why people loves watching those Asian dramas or those reality shows. To feel emotion, get emotional and ultimately, share that emotions.  But if you ask, not many of them will admit it. The reason is probably lie in my previous entry, titled “unappreciated“. There also the other bunch of people where they have “very good” reasons for doing so like “Dramas are interesting”, “drama helps you understand life”, “they teach us life lesson”, or a more sophisticated reason will be “drama is an art that portrays philosophy of life”. Let’s dissect those few reasons.

“Interesting” is most vague answer one can possibly give. What makes drama interesting. Is it the part where it makes cry? or the part where it makes you smile after you cry? or the part where it makes you curse the plot for making the characters so dumb and fall into every emotional trap that could never possibly happen in real life (well that is according to you of course)? “Dramas are interesting.” is a statement and not a reason.

Let’s move on to “helps us understand life” and “teach us life lesson”. Fun fact, this is what my mom told me when I made an ignorant comment about drama series being predictable, unrealistic, and boring. Well if you have seen enough of the outside world, you’d come to understand that life is far to complex and individualistic for drama to help us understand it, let alone teach us life lesson. What it does is exaggerate situation that some of us may face in life for us to relate our feelings and memory with. It’s funny how we human tend to find solace in other’s misery. On the surface we deny it but underneath we succumb to it.

I think I’m getting quite carried away with this so I’m just gonna end it here. This is 1 of the things we think and don’t say.

Life’s a Drama

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