The Farewell

Yesterday was the mass departure for some of us, including me, from our beloved facebook online game clan, called Suikoden. The chatroom of this small clan was filled with a mixture of emotions, relief, sadness, disappointment, shock, and even a slight anger. Well all in all the departure and farewell went pretty quick. Though it was kinda abrupt but I think it was for the best. The longer it takes the harder it is for those who were leaving as well as for those who’re staying. It’s funny how most of us get so emotional of this little community created solely for entertainment purpose. If you weren’t apart of it you’d never understand that feeling. A lot of ignorant people will dismiss the sentiment as virtual obsession. Yes everything was virtual but I can assure 1 thing that is real and that is the friendship we built through playing it and being a part of this little virtual community.

Suikoden is the 1st online game clan (well it’s not even exactly a true blue online game) that I actually got so attached and involved in. I’d say that now I finally have a taste of what some of those online game addicts feel. With this, I understand that gamers sometime are not addicted because of their obsession to be powerful (in the game), to escape reality but instead, it maybe the bond and attachment that they’ve built with various people over the net that prevent them from leaving. All in all, it has been a fun ride. It allows me to keep in touch with my real life friends who’re residing at different part of the world. It also allows me to get to know more friends who I may actually going meet in real life someday. If not because of this stupid facebook application, our path may never cross for the rest of our lives.

Anyway, sometime it seems that it’s better not to get too attached to anything because you’ll never when you’re going to lose it.

Lastly, I wish all my Suikoden peeps all the best in their furture endeavor.

The Farewell

3 thoughts on “The Farewell

  1. Au revoir Suikoden. Finally got over it. It’s nice to see Master Enchanter, Elbi, Chris Kaos and Shahzad sinking forts over the weekend! Hehehehe..

    The funny thing that happened over the weekend was Joseph Castro! He msn-ed me and asked me to go cw. LOL! Aww.. Miss those peeps there.

    V offers the xp and the range of players but somehow, I still can’t feel the warmth yet albeit we’ve begun to make some new friends. ^^

  2. @icebreaker: Yes. But it’s never good-bye. It’s just “see you again”. It’s way to early for good-bye.

    @Ally: Emo Rekovery Completo! Kongratz! ^lol^ Hahaha Joseph slow! Yeah, they’ve started to pick it up and also made some active recruits down there. In no time, they’ll start owning in A.

    Hehehe good to hear that u start making new friend there. Me still just log in, war and log out onli. Don’t Think I’ll eva really fit in…. shhhhhh ^_^

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