Marley & Me (2008)

My Rating

Finally… I watch it! So many times, I was about to watch it and I ended up watching sth else instead. Eventhough it’s quite highly rated in IMDB, but the notion of relationship between a man and a dog doesn’t entice me at all. On top of that, the movie is 2 hrs long. Everytime I was about to open the file, I was like “nah, it’s gonna boring. I think I’ll pass. Keep it for next time”. Aaand.. finally the next time is here.

Well, overall, the movie is good. Definitely 2hr worth spent. It doesn’t just show how a relationship between a man and the dog evolves throughout the movie but also many other aspects of life that an individual may experience. It addressed many different concept of life in one’s adulthood such as career, family, mariage and stuff. Again if you’re not the type of person who’d look for life reality in a movie, you’d be cursing me for recommending this crap.

Lastly, the cutest moment in the movie for me would be when Collen gave away her favorite soft toy to Marley and said to him, “You could take Lammy but don’t chew her other ear off.” LOL

Marley & Me (2008)

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