Star Trek (2009)

My Rating

Never intended to watch this movie at all. I always thought these types of movie are more for fans than for general viewers. But due to some twisted fate I ended up watching it anyway. I suddenly received some privilege card for free ice cream @ Swesen’s on weekday then a friend of mine has a privilege card for movie tickets on weekday and we happened to be free on a particular weekday. So yeah we obviously decided to go for a meal and a movie. It so happens that there is no other choice of movie for us beside this. I mean there are but we didn’t think the rest was worth watching in cinema. Oh well that’s how thing turned out.

After the movie, I gotta say I’m impressed. It’s a very good movie. And you can trust me because I’m not one of them (if you know who I am talking about) — the Trekkies. You don’t need to have followed the series or be a fan to watch movie though you’d probably enjoy it more if you’re one. I gotta say that the cinematography and graphic design of the space and the spaceship are much better than Star War — Revenge of the Sith. All in all, this is definitely a movie you may not wanna to miss in Cinema.

Star Trek (2009)

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