X-Men – Wolverine’s Origin (2009)

My Rating

This is probably the most expensive movie outing I’ve had so far. Almost 100 bucks spent =_=. Due to some misunderstanding we ended having our lunch @ a Belgium Restaurant before the movie which cost me roughly S$20+ and dinner @ a Swiss Restaurant which cost another S$40+. T.T Well all in all it was a good day….. duh.

The best thing about Wolverine’s Origin gotta be its cinematography. It’s so good that it’s worth watching in cinema just for that aspect. Another plus point would be the casts of the movie. The casts are very well chosen especially Victor. He resemble the Marvel character so perfectly. Two thumbs up for that. Lastly, I definitely think that it’s living up to the X-Men’s reputation.

X-Men – Wolverine’s Origin (2009)

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