2 Candidates for Worst Movie of 2009

And they are…..

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

My Rating

Street Fighters: The Legend of Chun-Li practically destroys whatever reputation the previous Street Fighter has had so far. If only I had an image for half-star I’d give it a half-star. This movie definitely stands a high chance of being the worst movie of 2009. Especially for those who have been following Street Fighters comic or the games. Please la.. the earlier Chun-Li where got know how to Hadoken one? zzzZZZ Definitely hopeless. Luckily we watched it in Johor so didn’t waste that much $$.

Dragonball Evolution

My Rating

An ultimate disappointment. Never intended to watch this movie at all but for some inevitable reason I ended up watching it. What a total waste of money. Dragonball Evolution is definitely created just to compete with Street Fighter for the title. So may the worst movie win.

2 Candidates for Worst Movie of 2009

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