Unexpectedly unexpected

First, I’ll touch on the 1st unexpectedly unexpected which is the top 20 for the current season of my most favorite reality show, So You Think You Can Dance Season 5. Well, I’m not gonna waste time list their name down here, you can check them out in detail HERE. The top 20 this year is a ridiculous surprise for me. The most unexpected top 20 for me out of the 5 seasons. Almost all the contestants that I’ve rooted and wanted them to go never got in. For guys, only one of those I wanted to make it to top 20 went in, and that is Phillip Chbeeb. He definitely deserves it. After all the praying I grave for him finally he made it. Now it’s time to pray that he’ll explode into awesomeness in competition not just in his style but in other style too. As for girls, only Asuka Kondoh made it from my favorite list. Well, I can’t complain much about this because my favorites are solely base on their solo during audition. They cut the Vegas week into 2 short episodes, so I don’t really get to see any of them dance properly. Most of time was the judges scolding them and sending people home.

This is in a way good too. Like that I won’t have much expectation of what to come. So there would be less disappointment. With that said, they’d better bring it because last year was HOT to the max. Season 4 performances will always be my benchmark for the show. Anything short of that, I’ll be disappointed. 🙂 Let’s hope this unexpected turn out is a damn good one.

Next and last on the agenda will be Naruto’s latest chapter, 450.*** !!!![SPOILER ALERT]!!!!**

First, I’d like to give myself a pat on the back for accurately predicting the outcome of the battle between Naruto and Pain :).  *pat *pat Now the unexpected thing is I never thought Danzo became the 6th Hokage just like that. No struggle no nothing… what the hell… I never thought he’d get to be one in the 1st place. I have a feeling that I may not be enjoying what is to come. But I shall have faith in Masashi-san. He has been impressive up to now. I shall wait and see.

Unexpectedly unexpected

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