FB App: Spot The Difference

My first entry dedicating to featuring Facebook application. I’ve always wanted to start entries on various FB applications that are popular among my peers but never had the time or the mood to do so. And now finally the mood is here.

If you’ve been going to arcade, you’d probably are familiar with this arcade called Photo Hunt. The idea of the game is simply to spot the 5 difference in a pair of seeming identical photos. Spot The Difference (STD) is actually an FB app version of Photo Hunt. So if you like photo hunt go and challenge your friend’s score in FB instead of wasting your token in arcade. FYI, you only 2 plays per day. If you want to play more than 2 time a day you gotta have to buy more plays.

If you can’t have enough of it and don’t want to pay either you can get another 2 more plays with Extreme Spot The Difference.

Extreme Spot The Difference (ExSTD), as the name suggests, is a more difficult version of Spot the Difference. I played one time I gave up on it already. Too difficult. Only recommended for more hardcore player. 😛

Beside these 2, there are a number of other FB game offered by Lunatic Game as well but I’m not going to highlight since I’m not really into them. You will them all after you’ve added STD or ExSTD.

Lastly, if you want some practice before getting on with your 2 plays a day click here to play photo hunt @ gamegame.com

FB App: Spot The Difference

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