SYTYCD Season 5 Top 20 Performance & Result

Finally So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 top 20 week is here and over. In summary, this week performance is pure awesome, extraordinary, beautiful and fantastic etc… Now that the first week is over, I can tell if the judges’ top 20 choice were up to expectation and also spot my favorites.

Top 5 performance for me are:

  1. Ade and Melissa‘s contemporary choreographed by Mandy Moore
  2. Phillip and Jeanine‘s hip-hop choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon
  3. Evan and Randi‘s Jazz choreographed by Tyce Diorio
  4. Brandon and Janette‘s Fox Trot choreographed by Louis van Amstel
  5. Kapuno and Ashley‘s Jazz choreographed by Wade Robson

And the performance that I keep watching over and over again although not my most favorite is Phillip and Jeanine’s hip-hop routine.

From top 20 performance last night, my current male favorites are Phillip, Ade and Evan and female favorites are Jeanine, Melissa, Randi, Ashley and Kayla. Yes the girls this year are awesome, it’ll be kinda expected if the winner this year is a girl.

A quick comment from me will be, first of all, you really must watch the show. It’s crazily awesome. Phillip and Jeanine have awesome chemistry. Never expected that coming. Also, it was a blessing to audience that Phillip gets to do Hip Hop. How I wish Phillip gets to do Hip Hop every week. I never get sick of watching his moves. I’m very worried that from next week he may not perform so good in other genre. Nevertheless, I shall wait for him for to surprise me. As for Ade and Melissa, I totally never saw them coming. Ade’s strength and Melissa’s legs movement are incredibly beautiful to watch. They’re gonna be an awesome couple in the show. Lastly, I’m quite disappointed that Kayla got Max as her partner. Their chemistry is doubtful for me at the moment. I’m predicting that as the competition progresses, Max may end up dragging Kayla down or Kayla may end up helping Max to stay longer in the competition. I really hope I’m wrong with that. Otherewise cheers!! Can’t wait for next week to come.

SYTYCD Season 5 Top 20 Performance & Result

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