SYTYCD Season 5 Top 18 Performance & Result

And another week passed by and so the top 18 performance and results are over. Time to comment on what went down. First of all, I didn’t like the genre picks this week compared to last week but again I kinda knew this was gonna happen. This week dances were a mixture of awesome ones, so-so ones and bad ones. No surprises.

My top 5 performances are:

  1. Jonathan & Karla‘s contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookey
  2. Brandon & Janette‘s Disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez
  3. Max & Kayla’s pop-jazz choreographed by Brian Friedman
  4. Vitolio & Asuka‘s waltz choreographed by Louis van Amstel
  5. Ade & Melissa‘s Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh

After watching the performance last night I really  thought Phillip-Jeanine pair was going to be in bottom 3 with the other 2 hip-hop pairs but thank God, I was wrong about that. I guess US people also want to keep Phillip longer in the competition to see more of his awesome hip-hop popping style. And yes surprisingly, I dismissed both hip-hop routines. I hated the 1st one and dislike the 2nd one. Hahaha I think Shane Sparks must be damn sad both pairs under his choreograph is in bottom 3. But again, you have to agree that it’s hard for these choreographers to keep up with the demands sometime.

During the announcement of the bottom 3 pairs, when I saw Phillip-Jeanine pair standing with Jason-Caitlin pair, I knew they were safe. 2nd group of 3 pairs were expected nothing to comment. As for the last group of 3 pairs, when I Evan-Randy pair was announced ‘safe’, then I knew that Max-Kayla pair was going to be in bottom 3 already. Well anybody who has followed the show would’ve guessed that easily as well. Finally, when it came down to elimination, Ashley was eliminated as predicted despite the fact that the judges were not unanimous. As for the guys, I was predicting Kupono since Max is with Kayla and I thought they won’t be in the bottom 3 for a while. Anyway between this 2 any one eliminated is expected.

Other than that, I have to say that I think among all the top ten girls this season, Karla has the best legs followed by Janette. And Melissa is the most Lady (ah duh! she’s 29). 😛 Lastly, I small comment on Jonathan-Karla routine. I think the song plays big part in the boosting the level of their performance. Now I don’t know what will happen next week. Let me note down my guesses here so I can refer to next week.

Next week bottom 3 guess:

Asuka-Vitolio pair, Randi-Evan pair, Jason-Caitlin pair

Elimination guess: Asuka & Vitolio 😛

SYTYCD Season 5 Top 18 Performance & Result

2 thoughts on “SYTYCD Season 5 Top 18 Performance & Result

  1. hehehe not many people I know watch this show. In fact so far up to now, I onli know 2 other persons besides me who watch this show and I’m not even sure if they’re still following it now. This is the best dance show on earth. I love this way more than American Idol.

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