12 Rounds (2009)

My rating:

12 Rounds is definitely much better than John Cena’s previous work, The Marine. This is like a more believable version of Die Hard 4 (the only Die Hard, I watched) if you think about it. Detective Fisher, the main character, did not battle the bad guy alone. He’s die hard and yet vulnerable at times which makes him more human I guess. Frankly, I like 12 Rounds type of plot better than Die Hard’s. The type of plot where it makes you predict what will happen next and try to recall what has happened to see what you’ve missed out. Some examples of the movies I loved from this type of plot are Ocean 11, Ocean 13, The Bank Job, The Italian Job, Kiss Kiss Bang etc. I like the twist at the end as well. 12 Rounds is definitely worth watching.

12 Rounds (2009)

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