FB App: Battle Stations

My rating:

Battle Stations is by far the best Facebook game to date. The only game that I’ve been playing in Facebook for the longest time.  The concept of the game is simple. In the game, you’re a captain of your ship. You started of by picking your class (each class has their own benefits as you progress through the game). Your objective is basically to level up your captain and get resource to build up your ship by buying new ship (stronger or faster ship), buy stronger weapons and ship parts. You can also battle other players’ ship. As you reach high level, you might want to get involved into the more fun part of the game and that is joining a clan where you’ll be having clan war with another clan and stuff like that. Well, it’s a lot more fun than it sounds.

Battle Stations does me a lot of goods and some some bads. First of all, I had fun playing it. I made new friends and meet new people through the game. Through the friends I made in the game, I was able to learn a lot of things and went through a lot things with them. One definite takeaway for me would be that now I can outrightly say that I understand the feeling of those hardcore online gamer. On the down side, the game took away some of time as more as I became more engaged and in the game. Also it took quite a bit of my money. The first online game that I actually spend money on. -_- I hope there won’t be anymore after in the future. All in all, it’s been fun, playing with all your friend. It gives us sth to talk about, sth in common.

FB App: Battle Stations

2 thoughts on “FB App: Battle Stations

  1. nakkie.. i was prompted some security check procedure before visiting your blog. apparently there is some malware from the anime link you uploaded. but i visit your blog anyway. big risk! 😛

  2. Oh my…. really? I’m gonna check ém up when I’m back to technology age. Thanks for risking to let me know lol 😀 I’ll hunt them down if they dare infect ur com.

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