Getting Old, Morning Stroll

It’s really been along while since I blog about myself or my thoughts. Today sth occurred to me and made me feel like blogging about it.

Today I had an early morning appointment with a guy to buy sth from him. So I had to wake up very early, one of the very rare occasion that I get up early I’d say. Anyway, after washing up, I made my way to ATM to withdraw money. Outside, the sky is clear with no cloud and no sun and the cool morning breeze brushes me softly. I couldn’t help it but find myself enjoying the morning stroll with my favorite tunes on from my iPod. When I got back, I was like God, I’m really getting old. Please tell me that youngsters do enjoy morning strolls and not just senior citizens. Hahaha but honestly I don’t really care about that.

Maybe, I should go into rehab and start waking up early and have morning jog instead of midnight jog. 😛

Getting Old, Morning Stroll

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