Google IO 2009 – Site Review

I had the video recording of this event for quite some time which I finally had time to watch it. It’s totally awesome. Almost everything he said is sth new to me. It’s definitely enlightening. If you’re serious and professional web developers for any industry, you should definitely watch this. I can assure you, you’ll thanks me for it. 😛 Although I’m not that hardcore as a web developer yet, still this is sth that I definitely should know in my field of study and work.

Nowadays, web development has taken on an unprecedented revolution due to the outburst of giant internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN. Net surfer no longer want to waste their brain space remembering all the site address because there are just too many of them as time goes by. And their bookmarks only stays at their PC at home. Delicious and Digg is too much work and too troublesome for a non-web-savvy person. It’s so much faster, simpler and more convenient to just Google them out. So what I’m trying get at here is that when you’re developing a site, now you have to take search engine as 1 big part of consideration during planning. At the end of the day, it’s not only about maintaining user on your site but before that you have make more people come to your site. The more users visiting your site, the higher chance you have in converting some of them. So yeah watch it. You’ll definitely learn sth. You can find the video in youtube.

Google IO 2009 – Site Review

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