Team & Leader, The great crumble.

hahah sth really good happened made me wanna take study break and come back here to rant about sth again. This time it’s about the worst project I’ve had since entering university.

In this particular project of mine, we have it all. Failed leadership, poor communication, miscommunication, free rider, weak personnel, wishful thinking, conflicts among members, and needless to say, zero teamwork. You name and the project has it. However, it didn’t really bother me because I knew this was gonna happen at the earlier stage of the project, though I have to admit that I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

In a project, usually people prefer to work on their own and not to have to much collaboration with people (well, at least that’s how it is in my course and all the electives classes I’ve taken). Then at the end of the day, they’ll come together once and for all to integrate what they’ve done individually into the final piece for submission. Well, that only works if your project doesn’t require regular integration and correlation across all sections. When you’re working on a project that equates to a 4AUs subject, that completely doesn’t apply. My current project is a perfect example of that. Well don’t get me wrong here. “Doesn’t apply” here doesn’t mean you won’t get good grade. If you say your sole goal of doing a project is to get good grades then you can stop reading this post.

Scoring should be only be the team’s short term goal and one of the project’s objectives. Learning is however the true aim of it. Again before I could go on, a bunch of people would rebut that we do learn sth. Learn what? Like how to write report? how to design cover page? how to program a software? to make a website? how to apply our lecture into our project? Well honestly, if that’s what each of us would learn every time we do a project, then the idea of project has failed completely. Again, I began to sound like a real smart ass here. I mean who the hell don’t know the potically correct answer that the whole idea of project work is to let us learn about teamwork, leadership, blah blah blah. But what exactly did you learn?

You see, usually when u try asking a person what he learned after completing a project. He’d go, “I learned how to work in team.”, “I learn how to handle leadership.”, “I learn that teamwork is important in life.”  or sth along those lines. This is why I like to listen to real leader talk. If you pay attention to them, real good leader/ team worker they don’t boast about how great a leader they are neither they would say anything about knowing leadership and teamwork. Come on, this is like a small school project that barely simulate anything in a working society. If you say u alrd can learn how to handle teamwork and leadership just by doing a few projects in school. I think that’s pure rubbish.

With that said, there is where I have say that I’m glad to have such a screwed up project. It makes the learning points of the project more obvious and easier to pick up. Imagine if all your projects were to go smoothly and peacefully, you would never really know what could’ve gone wrong, would you? In fact, I spend more time reflecting on the project than doing the project itself. One of the things I asked myself most frequently during the course of this project is “out of all the many causes to the failure of this project, which one would I say is the key cause to everything?” Some people would think that it’s a dumb question because it’s so rethorical. “Isn’t it obvious that it’s failed leadership?” Well that’s the thing. I feel that we are so blinded by the institution teaching and society’s over emphasis on leadership that people automically assume leadership is the key to everything. I mean some people don’t even know why leadership is crucial, and just know that it is. So many people told us so that we agreed to it without condition. Then when you’re put in the a leader position, you’ll start questioning yourself what exactly is important about leadership in a team or an organization? And only when you manage to make it work through your leadership then you have the right to agree that leadership is really the key and is crucial.

Omg! I think I watch too much nigahiga that I start to have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) also. I just realize I just rambled all over the place and haven’t really made any point. Well my point is…. my project sucks big time!! Teehee!!

Team & Leader, The great crumble.