If you’ve been learning English for quite some time, you’d probably have heard of this saying that when a friend ask you for a fish, if you really want to help him, you will teach him how to fish instead of giving him a fish. Well, there something along this line is all languages I think, at least it does in mine. I used to really agree with the saying but now I no longer do.

The answer is very obvious in university. You can observe it everywhere. When asked for a fish, and you’re trying to help him by teaching him how to fish. He’d tell you he doesn’t have time to learn how to fish. By the time he knows how to fish, he probably won’t need the fish anymore, which is quite true if you think about it. This does happen to me quite a number of times. Another problem that I observe is that most people think that “I probably won’t need this fish in the future, why the hell should I learn how to fish? I would just forget it anyway if I don’t practice it.” Again this does make sense. Meanwhile, some would thing that “fishing” is too complicated and troublesome too learn, they’d rather not going through the trouble for something that’s not really that useful to them. The bottom line is I want fish! you give  me or I ask somebody else.

So well gruadually, I learned to adapt and drop that saying out of my head. They don’t want your selflessness, they want your fish. So yes, be selfish and sell the fish. You’d be surprised that people will pay for it, instead of learning it for free. Everybody is always too busy for something they don’t give a sh*t about.


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