G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

My rating:

If there is 2.5 stars, I’d give it 2.5. G.I. Joe is definitely a disappointment for me. It’s not that it’s that bad. It’s just that I was hoping for so much more from it. This again just proves that you can never really expect too much out of something. Just like what happens with Chun Li and Dragonball Evolution. However, in this case, it’s not that bad. Well let’s cut the chase. My problem with G.I Joe is that first of all, the flashbacks take too much of the movie time. Definitely it’s quite a good thing for people who has never follow the cartoon before. But for those who did, it would become a waste of time. Actually, I kinda wonder if those flashback really make any difference.

Another problem is that, to me, G.I. Joe differs itself from a superhero series by injecting the element of war. They’re not just fight a villians they’re fighting the their armies too. Quite obviously, I didn’t get that war feeling from the movie, more or less at all. In fact if I recall, most of the time, they only highlight the main guys fighting and they weren’t even really fighting together along side. It feel more individual. Everybody has something to deal with somebody. Thus, it’s not massive enough.

I also had an issue with the casting (or acting or maybe the directing? not sure which is which). All the characters look damn cool! but not fierce at all. They acted fierce in the movie obviously but it all felt like they’re acting tough and fierce while looking cool. Even Snake-eye wasn’t that awesome as I was hoping it to be. Everything just looks to cool to be scary. Hence, there’s no thrill. I think if they made this a more war-like theme would be better than going with the X-Men / Transformer theme. Well again, this is just personal preference.

After all that is said, G.I. Joe is still worth checking out for the cool elements, the hot suits, and probably,Channing Tatum (for the girls).

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

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