One way to annoy your friends in Facebook

Well, I’m not sure if you have ever been annoyed by your friends on Facebook. If you have, I’m not sure what they did to annoy you. Well, but this so far the first time I had this happen on my Facebook. I wasn’t annoyed though since I wasn’t really pay attention to my feed and I don’t really know the guy as well. However, when I did notice it, I thought that his real life friends would be quite annoyed if they see this lolx. Anyway what is that? see below:

Cartmen would say, “Seriously dude. what the f$#%!? Who gives a sh*t about Hancock.” He basically update his status as the movie goes -__-. Is he really watching the movie or just find sth to status-updating about. Man, somebody should stop him getting near Twitter. Either he really wanna show off his Facebook-enable mobile or he simply has DFA syndrome (Depserate For Attention). Either way, I don’t give a sh*t. I’m more interested in the fact that I just realize that you could actually use this to really annoy the hell out of ppl. Imagine you status updating everything u do the whole day. It would go down sth like this:

Kira Hikaru just woke up.
Kira Hikaru realized he’s late for work.
Kira Hikaru is rushing.
Kira Hikaru damn I forgot my keys.
Kira Hikaru is pissed off again with the morning crowd.
Kira Hikaru finally got on the MRT but standing with one leg. Damn you morning crowd!
Kira Hikaru zzZZZ…
Kira Hikaru ……

lol and this goes on the whole damn day. Imagine if you’re one of those peeps who look at Facebook every now and then, you would seriously drop a comment even if you won’t want to.

One way to annoy your friends in Facebook

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