UP (2009)

My rating:

Was it as good as rumored? No. Was is good? Quite. Worth watching? Yes. Then again, every 3D is worth watching to me. So well yes, doesn’t really mean anything. 😛 The animation was really good. Duh! Well, that’s the problem. The animation was really good but it’s a not surprise because it’s expected. If the CG was bad, people will boo. Otherwise, we’d just agree that Pixar is living up to it’s standard. I have to admit that it’s pretty hard to be amazed by great animation nowadays. Why? Because everybody just has it. Unlike in the past, good animation is much easier to achieve nowdays or at least, we think so. Hence, now, great animation is taken for granted that it’s a given when going for a 3D movies. And trust me, normal movie goers wouldn’t notice that minor difference that the studio put so much effort in, or neither would they give a damn about it. Therefore, it all comes down to great plot. And for, I didn’t think the plot in UP was that great.

UP (2009)

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