Red Cliff (2008)

My rating:

My brother and my friend recommended me this movie but I was sceptical initially because I had quite a number of not so pleasant experience with these highly commercialized Hollywood-like big-budget Chinese history war movie. But when I finally had the time to watch it. I had to admit I was wrong. Red Cliff is much better than any of the various similar effort that I’ve seen so far such as Curse of The Golden Flower, The Empress, The Banquet, just to name a few. The movie focus one particular battle in the history of Romance of The Three Kingdom, the battle of Red cliff.

I thought the it was very well done. The casts were well-chosen, the battles were epic, the cinematography is beautiful, and the music is well-suited (I’m not a very good judge of that but that is just how I felt). I have to say that Takeshi played Zhuge Liang very well. The same goes for Tony Leung as Zhou Yu. My only disappointment with the casting would be Cao Cao. Somehow, in the movie, he isn’t fearful and powerful enough. Anyway, all in all, I love it. If you have seen Curse of the Golden Flower, The Empress or The Banquet and didn’t like it, don’t make the same assumption as I did and go and check out Red Cliff.

Red Cliff (2008)

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