Movies to look forward to…

I was watching some trailer on and suddenly I feel like compiling the list of movies I’m really looking forward to in the coming year 2010.

Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time Up In the Air Green Zone

1. Prince of Persia: Definitely my number 1 in the list. I couldn’t play the game because my blardy laptop for too lousy to run it. Now at least, I can watch the movie and get the gist of the story. And yes! Gemma Arterton is in!
2. Up In The Air
: I think it’s gonna be fun. However, I don’t think it’s worth catching in the cinema. Either way, it’s George Clooney’s work so must watch.
3. Green Zone: Matt Damon has done it for this genre so many time. So it’s kinda a taken for granted thing  that this one might just gonna be an awesome one. So yeah, hence the need to watch it.

Date Night Extraordinary Measures Old Dogs

4. Date Night: After Anne Hatheway, now Steve Carell goes on another non-sense action with Tina Fey in Date Night. The title and and the poster really gave me the impression of a romance comedy movie. Who knows that this is an action.
5. Extraordinary Measure: Brandon Fraser teams up with Indie to save lives. I thought it was touching.
6. Old Dogs: John Travolta and Robin Williams team up for comedy hhmmm…. Look really fun though. Either way not like I care, all comedy I must watch.

Everybody’s Fine The Blind Side Despicable Me

7. Everybody’s Fine: It’s been awhile since I see Drew. Everybody’s Fine really looks like a nice family bonding movie.
8. The Blind Side: I’m really hoping that this is good.
9. Despicable Me: Haven’t seen the trailer for this one but yeah looking at the Steve Carell print there I assume that it’s gonna be a comedy.

Dear John Invictus Valentine’s Day

10. Dear John: Channing Tatum in a romance. I’m just interested to see how it turns out.
11.  Invictus: Matt Damon in an inspirational genre with Morgan Freeman. Interesting. Haven’t seen the trailer. But I have a feeling that this is gonna be interesting.
12. Valentine’s Day: I don’t really care about this movie. I’m only looking forward to it because of the cast list. It’s rare to see a super star gathering in a movie. Let’s see what are the names that might interest you: Anne Hathaway, Talyor Swift, Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Aston Kutcher, Julia Robert, Emma Robert, Jamie Foxx, Joe Jonas, Jennifer Garner. See? Crazy right? When I saw the trailer, I was like wow this is madness. I don’t think I can recall a movie has a super star cast gathering as big as this one. So watch out for Valentine’s Day. Obviously you know when it’s going to come out. 😉

La Danse The Vampire’s Assistant A Christmas Carol

13. La Danse: I have no idea what this is about. Haven’t seen the trailer either. But the legs interest me :P. Nah but seriously, I like dance movie.
14. Vampires Assistant: I saw the trailer, and I’m interested in seeing how crap could this thing turn out to be. We already have a vampire who glitter in sunlight, now a vampire who owns different ability. Sound to me like Heroes.
15. A Chistmas Carol: A Jim Carey’s 3D Movie for Christmas. So yeah.

Law Abiding Citizen Toy Story 3 Pirate Radio

16. Law Abiding Citizen: This better be good. My favorite genre. I’m not gonna say much but I’ll keep my fingers cross for this one.
17. Toy Story 3: Finally, it’s about time for TS3 in 3D.
18. Pirate Radio: Interesting.

Where the Wild Things Are Stan Helsing Couples Retreat

19. Where The Wild Things Are: It looks fun to watch.
20. STAN Helsing: Spoof movie FTW! I know they suck. But sometime having good stuffs all the time does make you bored and wanna see something really really crappy. Like………. Dance Flick!
21. Couple Retreat: Kisten Bell!!! Vince Vuaghn go die. 😛 Just kidding. I like the genre. It really helps to lighten up the mood from all the serious, crazy or explosive action movies and allows you to loosen up and look at people do nonsense stuffs. And the sceneries are really good, at least those that I saw in the trailer.

Movies to look forward to…

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