2012 (2009)

My rating:

Finally, I managed to catch this after exam. I was lucky to get to see it in Digital on last day of showing. First, let’s go through the good part. Quite obviously, the CG was awesome! I went there for that, if it’s not awesome, I’d be utterly disappointed. Probably the most elaborated catastrophe I’ve seen on screen. I know I shouldn’t be excited about witnessing the visualization of such tragedy but I couldn’t help it. I gotta be ignorant here and say “it’s just a movie. come on!”

Now on to the not so good part. Before going for this movie, I asked a friend of mine for the her critique. And she said the movie was too American for her. So I was like I can tolerate that. But after the movie, I have to agree that it’s a bit over the top. There are just too many coincidences in the movie to be believable.  Well, then again it’s not meant to be believable anyway. Well, if you can overlook all the little details about the logic and reality of the movie, you’d probably will find it exciting.

2012 (2009)

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