Ninja Assassin (2009)

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I got to know this movie through YouTube by accident. I was watching random youtube video and came across this interview with the guy who did the visual effect for Matrix and he wast mentioning that he’d be involved in Ninja Assassin. So then I was tempted to check this out. Then I checked release date and realize that it’s cinema. I went to GV site and just nice it’s still showing in GVMax one more day. So yeah went to see it.

Ninja Assassin is of those movies that I don’t really know if I hate it or like it. Simply put, it’s not bad but forgettable. What I like about it is the mixture of new school and old school effect in the movie. They don’t just focus solely on the cool move and matrix-like slow motion but also the abrupt and swift stealth and mercilessness of a ninja. And I’d say they’ve done a good job in portraying elements of ninja. Ninja is not cruel. They don’t torture you, what they do is make sure you’re dead as fast and painless as possible unless you put up resistance.

Another thing that I have to give props to Ninja Assassin is that they actually include the traditional elements of true ninja – jutsu hand seal, shukuchi and the moving from shadow to shadow (don’t know what’s that called). These magical elements of ninja is often not presence in the modern ninja movies.

Lastly, I think you might not wanna check this out unless you wanna see Rain killing people mercilessly. 😛

Ninja Assassin (2009)

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