Four Christmas (2009)

My Rating:

I’d say this is a pretty good Christmas movie. It probably makes you want to change your mind and go visit your family members you decided not to for whatever reason. I’ve never really celebrate Christmas but I always find Christmas to be a very fascinating holiday period. Whether you celebrate or not, you’d feel the the spirit from the environment. And that makes you smile and happy.

Call me emo, but from the things that have been happening around me lately, I was actually able to identify with a lot of things in there like how being so sure of what you want, what you need and what you’re doing can be a your disadvantage. Sometime, you really need to let yourself loose and go with the flow. Always having clear sense of direction doesn’t do you good all the time. Another thing is about opening up yourself and share with people around you. Sometime, there are certain truth about yourself that you should let your partner before or he/she finds out and realize that he/she knows nothing about you. And quite certainly, you and your partner should never set a boundary to what can be discussed and what’s not. Otherwise, you both will be nothing but acquaintance.

Four Christmas (2009)

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