Catching up

Wow before I know it, it has already been two weeks after exams are over. And more importantly, I just realize that I haven’t even had time to post a post to celebrate the liberty from this stressful hurdle. After my paper was over on 1st Dec, I had so many things that I want to and need to catch up on. First was to catch up on some friends and going out for dinner. Then catch up on my preparation for my internship, which is going start 1 month earlier then scheduled and thus instead of having 6 weeks holiday, I will only have 2. After that need to go around here and there buy some stuffs for some people, sending things for repair, repairing things.

On top of that, I had so so many movies to catch up on… the list has been built up since the semester started. Apparently, I was so preoccupied that I didn’t get a chance to see any. Let’s see what I have seen since after exam, 2012, Ninja Assassin, A Christmas Carol, Ice Age 3, Monsters vs Aliens, Four Christmases, American Pie Presents Book of Love, Watchmen, and Aliens in the Attic. Not bad quite a number, but still so many more to go.. Law Abiding Citizen, Public Enemies and The Hangover, just to name a few. Besides that, I’m also resuming The Lost Symbol, which I started reading during school term due to inability to control the temptation and put on hold when exam coming due to panic, desperation, and fear of not being able catch up on time for exam. Then the past few days, I’ve spent catching up on South Park season 13, Family Guy season 8 and my most favorite TV show, So You Think You Can Dance season 6. Then finally, it’s time to resume jogging and badminton after a month break without exercise.

Wow~! seems like I really have a lot of catching up to do especially when the time frame is so short. I really need to clear them before internship start. Otherwise, I’ll be really distracted. With that, I’ll sign off and chiong to do some more catching up. TEE HEE!

Catching up

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