Funny People (2009)

My Rating:

Funny people is definitely not funny. First of all, the casts were off for me personally. Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler? Come on. Adam Sandler and Leslie Mann? Seriously? I’m sorry but I really find hat the casts’ chemistry were just not there. Hence, the movie felt awkward for me from the beginning to the end. And it became a torment when the movie lasted almost 2 and a half hours.

If you see the title and think that you want to check this out because you think that this is most likely going to be funny. Then don’t waste your money because you think wrong. Funny People is about the unfunny things of funny people and not about the unfunny people being funny (which was what I was hoping for). Therefore, you could say that I kinda have set the wrong mood for this movie. As a result, I was utterly disappointed and psychologically tormented by the turn of event. Putting 2 famous comedian actors together and giving it a very indicatively comedic title while having the not so relevant plots and contents is definitely not cool to do.

Anyway, I’m sorry I really can’t comment much on this movie because I really got off on the wrong foot with it. For the most parts, I was just waiting for it to end. So yes you are warned, check it out with caution because it may turn out that you will like it like the 25 thousands users on IMDB who gave it an average rating of 7.0.

Funny People (2009)

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