Watchmen (2009)

My Rating:

According to IMDB, I’m among the minority for this one. I think most of the people who rated in there are probably fans or at least have read the novel (or the comic?). So yes, this is from the perspective of a guy who knows nothing about Watchmen beside the fact that the movie is an adaptation from a famous novel or comic strip, which he’s not even sure which one.

Again it has a lot to do with my pre-movie expectations. I started watching it hoping to see a bunch of human hero es dressed in freaky gay suits fighting epic battles with some Villains. Did I see that? No. Was the battle epic? Yes! Epicly slow! Were there any villians? Yes, the heroes themselves. (and the Russians?) This is what I’m talking about. My ignorant expectations and lack of background knowledge about the Watchmen screws the whole thing up big time. I definitely did not think that this would turn out to be melodic drama of heroes emo-ing over themselves. I remember reading one of the reviewers who rated 1 for this movie said that “nobody cares about what they think, we just want to see them fight.” That was exactly how I felt throughout the three hours. And the funny thing about it is that even after an hour through the movie I still refused the accept the fact that this was about the plot and not the play (entertainment). Then when the 2 hours mark has passed I was like “F***!”

Well before I continue to finish it up, I figured I should give a bit of summary on Watchmen. I think Watchmen is  a very very cynical piece. It’s about different individuals looking at the same world from different angles. Then they exaggerated these differences in ideals and beliefs by implanting them into mankind’s iconic figures, our heroes – the Watchmen. The battles that these heroes fought was more of the psychological rather than physical ones. And the enemies is themselves. They fought among themselves and within themselves. Hence, each hero character represents a school of thought/ideals. For instance, the comedian who’s ironically not funny at all. Hence the name itself already suggests his cynicism. Then we have Rorschach, the emo mask man, who, when masked-off, is a retarded psycho idiot. He’s the man who sees the world behind a veil. Then there is Dr Manhattan who’s the guy who floats around in his perfectly sculpted naked blue CG body with his blue pennis hanging out. He’s basically the examples of what may happens when God can be privatize. He knows everything but feel nothing because from his point of view certain things are inevitable so it’s better just for us to accept it rather than trying fight it. He did what he did because of duty and not sympathy. There some more characters but this is getting rather draggy (just like the movie) So it’s better if you just find it ourselves by seeing the movie.

With that, I have to admit that it’s entirely my fault for the movie being suck. Nobody said anything about it being a cool action movie and I was just assuming so. So if you happen feel same as I did, don’t blame the movie. Blame yourself! 😉

Watchmen (2009)

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