9 (2009)

My Rating:

9 is yet another great highly detailed 3D graphic piece of this 3D age of cinema. So many of them just keep coming nowadays that I have difficulties telling which one is good. In the earlier days, it usually the quality of the graphic that matters but now that it no longer does, I find myself not really having much opinion on it. If I’m not wrong, 9 is based on a certain book which quite obviously I’ve never heard of.

So basically, all I have to say about this movie is that the setting is well designed and the characters are unique and original. Plot-wise, I do not find it anymore impressive than any other 3D animation movies I’ve seen in 2009. Well, if it is anything positively contribute to the plot I would say that 9 has a story compared to the others, say for instance Monsters vs Aliens, which has a plot for children where you can more or less predict the whole movie, what it’s gonna go,  who’s gonna win, and how it’s gonna end.

9 (2009)

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