Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day

Before I start ranting….


It feels so long since I posted sth about myself on this blog. It seems like everyday just get shorter as u get older. That makes me sound like I’m damn old. lol But seriously, it’s true. Apparently, it seems like the older we grow, the more we see the importance and significance of different people who walked in and out of our lives. Hence, every precious free time we have, we tend to want to spend with them and cherish every moment. And that’s precisely why no time for blogging, gaming, and every other things that we used to be able to spend so much time on during childhood. Sad? Yes and No. It gives us a completely different feeling and experience so it’s not really comparable. It’ll be best if we can have the best of everything. (suddenly think of Miley Cyrus – Best of Both World).

Anyway, let’s go to CNY and V day part. Before going off for CNY holiday, me and my colleagues/friends had a sport cum Chinatown outing on Friday. It was a day full of mixed emotion. It was a lot of fun, stress, sadness and worries. I worked, I ate, I chit-chat, I played sport, I went out, I panicked then I stayed over. Friday, 12 Feb 2010, I’m going to remember this date. Overall, I’d still say it’s a very fun day despite the fact that I lost my phone and wallet. Better still was that I learned sth through the whole experience. Never change to different court half way during ur play and never let your friend give you a lift, and take MRT instead…LOL just kidding. Through this, I learned that I need people around me more than I think I do. I also learned that every little good deeds that each of us accumulate would not go to waste. It’ll be returned to us in one way or another. Be it meeting nice people, knowing good friends, or being helped by very nice strangers. Most of the time, we’d just give the credit to luck and fate for all these things. But personally, I do believe that what we do to everybody everyday does influence the luck and fate that we have with people.

And that was the pre-CNY celebration. What about the days itself? It sucks. And by falling Valentine’s day, it makes it double suck. Now, there’s tight slap on my consciousness saying “you don’t have family and you’re single.” Ouch… A “lonely unloved orphan” can almost perfectly describe my situation. Okay maybe I kinda dramatize that a little a bit (to get some sympathy). Teehee! 😛  I do have family, it’s just that I’m unable to be with them where they are right now.. thanks to all the people who decided to travel at the same damn time on the same airline. .\    /. But again this is the only time they can travel and it’s the only airline they can take. hmm… then who to blame? Never mind forget it. Joking asides, CNY never fail to remind me of how much I need my family. Being away from them for close to 8 years, I may have become ignorant and think that I’m independent enough. But what I tend to overlook is the fact that providing support is not just only thing family do but they also provides a medium for each of us to share our joy and happiness, especially during occasions like this. And that is definitely not sth we can grow independent of.

Finally, I hope everyone out there is having a great Chinese New Year and a sweet Valentine’s day. With that, ciao.

Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day

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