Gamer (2009)

My rating:

Gamer is awesome! Gerrard Butler is on fire. He’s been right on it since last year’s Rock ‘n Rolla. Then he started 2009 with the romance comedy, The Ugly Truth and this, before going on to Law Abiding Citizen. In Law Abiding Citizen, he has the brain, and in Gamer, he has the brute.

Gamer is a visualization of one possible outcome of our society resulting from the exponentially advancing technology and our perpetually growing appetite for better entertainment experience. If we look at the surface, Gamer is pretty much a bluff because quite positively, we (or at least I) don’t think that society will ever progress in that that direction. The government and us ourselves wouldn’t let that happen, I believe. In fact, Gamer makes the idea of Surrogates sounds much more possible to me. However, if we look at it metaphorically, it appears more of a sarcastic exaggeration made to mock today society.

What is fascinating about Gamer for me is the fact that not only it gives me entertainment and actions but also a strong controversial message as a fruit for thought. Bottom line, Love it~! go check it out!

Gamer (2009)

One thought on “Gamer (2009)

  1. The action sequences are disappointing, there’s a distinct lack of wit or invention in the direction and it’s also impossible to care about the characters when they’re so thinly sketched. I just did not like this film at all, but I tried too. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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