Hannah Montana The Movie (2009)

My Rating:

If you’ve been following Hannah Montana the Disney series then there is no need for introduction to this movie. And if you haven’t, then there’s no reason you would want to see this movie.

First of all, I really didn’t expect Hannah Montana the Movie to actually put me to tears. Totally didn’t see that coming. Am I that emo? Nah… don’t think so. Maybe I cried coz the movie was too suck and I realized I wasting my precious life time watching it and now having to write about it. But seriously, I have to admit that I find it good. Suddenly it reminds me about a youtube video that I watched where the guy was asking “what your shame show?” Shame show is basically a show that you’re ashame or embarrassed to admit that you like/love it for some reasons. For my case, Hannah Montana the series and movie have to be my shame show.

If you like Miley or Hannah Montana or you’re an emo person then go see this. lol

Hannah Montana The Movie (2009)

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