My Hobbies wishlists

Whoo.. finally I’m back. It’s been a tiring 5 days at the seminar. Very tiring indeed. I have so much to write about so I shall start with the most overdue post.

In this post, I thought of listing the items in my wish list that I managed to own so far and those that I’m still saving up for. So here it goes.

My MP3 Player: iPod Nano 3rd Generation

For so long I’ve been wanting to own one of the Apple product and finally I got one. I bought this at a very good deal. The guy who sold it to me won it from lucky draw and he already has an iPod Touch. So he sold it away at S$150. That time the original price was still S$240+. However, now feel like selling it away and getting the 5th Gen. XD

Apple iPod is definitely an mp3 to go for sound quality, style and design.

My Phone: Sony Ericsson W980

Bought this one because the old one spoil so no choice. I didn’t like it that much but it was the best deal I found in the forum. The seller signed plan and didn’t want the phone since he’s already using the smart phone. So he was willing to let it go cheap cheap and thus, I bought it to make use for the time being till have enough spare fund to get Android and iPhone.

W980 is definitely not recommended. Other than the sleek design and the 8GB built-in memory, which I didn’t really use since I had my iPod, there’s not many value-added points. It may not look like it in photo but the quality of manufactured material is not good and when scratches on surface it’s very obvious. So for a rather careless user like me, this phone get old very fast.

My Hand-held Console: PSP 2006 Slim & Lite

This is one of the best deal I got too. It was only 2 month old when I bought it. The guy sold me at $150 when the original price was still S$360+. I got it for less than half price!!! XD On top of that, he gave me 4 original UMD games!! I didn’t play UMD those since I have all of the game in iso file already. Finally, after a long time of daydreaming, I own one. I gave it only 3 stars because I’m not crazy over it like I thought I would. The buttons are hard to press which makes the whole gaming experience drop significantly for me. And after playing the console for sometime, I realize that I’m really a big screen person. I need at least a 22″ screen to play my game and I couldn’t care if it’s portable or not.

My Storage: Seagate 3.5″ 1TB & Western Digital 2.5″ 320GB

Now, I have two 1 TB and one 320 GB. I use it more like a thumbdrive. And the 1TB is obviously for hardcore storage purpose. XD So far so good, they can still keep up for quite some time. I don’t think I will need to a new one any time in the next 1 or 2 years.

My Camera: Cannon Digital IXUS 80IS

This camera is probably the oldest among all my 2nd hand gadgets. It’s about 1 year old when I bought. But still almost as good as new because it was hardly used by the original user after he owned a DSLR. I got it for S$200 during the time when the original price was till around S$350+. Not really a fantastic deal for a 1 year old camera but what it make it fantastic was that the guy threw in extra 1 GB memory card and 2 spare lithium batteries!!! Each spare batteries can easily cost up to 60 bucks.

This is probably the last non-pro digital camera I’d get. If I ever go for a camera upgrade, I would for sure get a semi-pro or a DSLR. This just doesn’t give a good enough picture quality.

My Hobbies wishlists

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