My Rackets

I used to play badminton very often during JC time but after graduating from A level I stopped playing for quite a long while. I resume badminton fully in year 2. Anyway, below is the racket that I used and is using.

My first racket: Wilson Dynasmash 500

If I remember correctly I got this on promotion for S$69 . This is my first racket when I was really into badminton. That time I had no idea whatsoever how to choose racket. I didn’t even know how to play in first place. So yes I simply bought this because my friends said it’s decent and it was one of the cheaper ones in row. Dynasmash 500 is definitely good for smash. You can really feel the power in your smash, if you know how to smash that is. 😛 But for other aspects, not so good. My main problem with this racket is hitting a high back court shot and picking up a drop shot. The control and power is just not really there. Hence, it’s not so easy to use for beginner but again when you’re beginner, you can’t really tell what’s the difference also. As long as can hit and it’s light then it’s a good racket. But when you know to play, you’d start to see all these problems.

My Second Racket: Yonex NanoSpeed 800

I l♥ve my 2nd racket. I got it for S$89. Decent price for a Yonex Nanospeed series. I did quite  a bit of research before buying to make sure this time I get the right racket for my playing style and I did! XD This racket gives me a lot more control than the first. Hence, I can play more variety of shot instead of just trying to smash my way through. The con is that I have to sacrifice the smashing power and speed but in return, I have more control over my smash. I can now smash to the left or right side line almost at will. It feels good to be in control. (^.^) For net play, nanospeed 800 is awesome too. So in a way, it’s a very balanced build racket, which is very well suited for player like me who’s not very sure what I’m good at doing but just wanting to be able to do everything reasonably well.

My Rackets

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