Crazy 2 weeks

The past 2 weeks have been a hell of a week. One event after another. Four events running in the a row. It started on Saturday 20 Mar with my company Dragonboat competition. I had to wake up at 6:15 am on Saturday morning! -__- After getting ready we grabbed a cab to the event venue, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.

It was raining almost throughout the whole event. So we had to race in the rain. A lot of ppl found it suck to rain but I thought it was quite fun to get to row Dragonboat in the rain. I really miss basking in rain. It reminds me of childhood. Anyway, my team had 2 races. 1st race we came last and 2nd last for the 2nd race.  -__- But at least our timing is not the last among all the boats (there 8o+ boats and 7 boats each race). There were many boats that have much worse timing than us. 😛 After the race, it was time to feast!! We went to grab our free lunch, popcorn, ice cream, and ice milo. *yummy* Then after the feast, we went to join everybody to set record in having most number of people doing the papaya dance. I think I’m really lucky. This is the 2nd time I get to be involved in setting world record. My first was during JC time, which we set a record for the largest mass yoga. And I’m going to be involved in the my 3rd one in the coming weekend. XD

After the Dragonboat event at about 2 pm, I took a cab to go for my 5-day CEP seminar at NACLI. By the way, CEP stands for Culture and Education Programme.  According to the booklet, CEP is an innovative and integral part of the concept of the Youth Olympic Games. SYOG provides all participants with a memorable programme that combines sport competition with a large and diverse range of CEP activities. I volunteered for this mainly because I want  to play a role and contribute to the upcoming YOG and also to get to meet the young athletes from my country and assist them in anyway possible during their stay here. On top of that, I wanna try something new and this is a rare chance to do so.

The seminar was fun and tiring but for the most part, I was too tired to enjoy it. For instance, take the dinner at the 5-star hostel with all the CdM from various country. I was supposed to be all hyped up about being in a room full of representatives from almost 200 countries (supposed to be 205 if all of them were there) and having a 5-star dinner with all of them but strangely, I didn’t really feel that excited. I don’t know if it’s because this is my don’t-know-how-many-time attending this kind of thing or I just don’t like this kind of very formal and proper atmosphere. Despite all that, I still think it’s very worthwhile to be there. I had many takeaways to talk about and share with my peers. I got a lot of free stuffs, which are not really that useful but still it’s free stuffs. I got to eat free food for 5 days even though most of the time, the food are pretty awful. I got to sleep in hotel-like room, eventhough it was freezing cold. I got to meet many important people and take photographs with them, even though I don’t really know why I should be proud of that since after all, they are also human just like any of us… in fact, they are not even that pretty or handsome like celebrities. So why the heck is all hype and buzz? I have no idea.

After all that, I’m just glad that I can come back to work and sit in my comfortable chair chit chatting with colleagues and fellow interns. Tomorrow, I will be going to for the Singapore Run Around with old friends and I’m looking forward to that. It will my last hurdle for the crazy 2 weeks then I will take it slow for awhile before chionging for more nonsense things. Cheers!!!

Crazy 2 weeks

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